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« Beats by dr dre may be the best iPhone, caps

iPhone4/4S lead the mobile industry as the most successful mobile entertainment earth terminal tremendous changes and development of the iPhone is also popular in the industry of accessories for all to see, especially the headset, major manufacturers are following in the footsteps of Apple. Below recommend a better national reputation today, the sound quality is the most professional iPhone, special caps – Beats by dr dre get your five colors to choose from, and support for the latest iPhone 4Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod, iTouch, another series Walkman with digital devices known.

Before special caps Beats by dr dre iPhone phone us first to understand what kind of earplugs is the iPhone, caps special because a lot of special buffers, the name of the iPhone on the market now, but not really apply an ear for iPhone, spectator is not careful vai the gun, and there are wood. In general, we mentioned that the main features of the iPhone headset exclusive line controller design pattern, the user is through wireless adapter directly on the iPhone and other songs manipulation and iPod products can directly answer the calls, control the iPhone it is equally important to listen to high quality music and talk is regarded as the best of both worlds.

Beats by dr dre features: coating of magnesium alloy refined too high

Ear iPhone Dre Beats Studio dedicated telephone Beats by dr dre connects the XBS-i218in, the design of the product concept met Apple, a symbol of an attitude and quality of life. Selection cavity unequivocal caps caps on imports of magnesium alloy build, beautiful appearance, exquisite and delicate color. Single of your design and color matching technology can be seen that the Beats by dr dre industry earphone has extensive experience in product development, leading.

The coefficient of density cavity gas magnesium alloy Beats by dr dre defined and then combined with the closed design with ergonomic design and sound field expansion innovative processing technology to greatly enhance the sound quality of the headphones, What is Beats by dr dre Liu Guoqing chief architect of continuous research and development magnesium alloy earbuds one reason.

Part of silicone ear Beats by dr dre environmental pollution, can effectively reduce the impact of external noise, and each product comes with two sets of different size baffle and easy to use.

Fully integrated a variety of digital products, fashion style Beats by dr dre earbud wires flat cable design and TPE noodle has a tensile strength, increase sensation and features tied. Material respects, wire is 99.9% oxygen-free copper and 24K gold plating plug wire, then you can really enjoy listening to the sound quality of high quality.

Aspects of unity, Beats by dr dre 6μ Japan imported ultra-thin film of high-speed shock response, is stable and balanced output full range response, regardless of ambient music, easily able to garnish an atmosphere more delicate inadequate, drive mini speaker 10 mm, technology dual-channel balancing balance of bass and treble, perfect to ensure low powerful tiny space, stressing the wearing comfort and sound equalizer.

Both fresh green, pink or soft silver-white or pure … Because each product is Beats by dr dre product designed with the professional attitude.

With iPone phone mode of operation:

music functions of the iPhone: (only for iPhone 3GS or later music, other players such function) music player, click the microphone button to pause playback of music, click on the microphone, the music continues to play. Music player, fast music button under microphone to skip to the next track.

call functions of iPhone: (iPhone only version of the full range of other music players such function) when there is an incoming call, the music automatically pauses playback when the call ends, the music will automatically resume playback. When there is an incoming call, press the microphone button, you can answer a call, click the microphone button to end the call.

Review Summary: For Apple users, with a dedicated headset functionality or appearance are very necessary. Caps special phone Beats by dr dre Apple, the sound quality is a well recognized reputation, Beats Pittsburgh Penguins Headphones may be the best headphones for the iPhone. Furthermore, the design of even intimate, five different colors, highlight, compelling, restrained, discreet fashion, tide, with the the popular noodle wire TPE, fully meet the individual needs of different consumers.

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