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« Headphones beats by dre CK-880 review!

Project looks, is still competition eartag important weapon, the feast of the face of the Headphones products, one point is you heart today, I fashion for you way above recommended no. has kind of bright color caps – Beats by dre CK-880, as we can see, Beats by dre CK-880 fashion beautiful shape, various bright colors to select, mini line features and controlled the microphone has extended headphone use the range, excellent job, not letting any people can critique, Soft and delicate treble, bass full, flexible, then we have something else to say, let’s take a look at this project earplug CK-880, performance and quality performance.

Bright colors, is the marked features Beats by dre CK-880 ear plugs. At this time, CK-880 features a variety of color options, including green, orange, blue, pink, each color is a trend of different color, to know the personality of fashion corresponding to users’ needs.

Shape Ear beats by dre CK-880 is very impressive, simple fashion generally reveals a cool elegance, UV treated surface earpiece, not easy to scratch, shine in the shadow of a moving three dimensional shine, seconds to kill all their eyes to out and easy to carry, you can wear bright.

Elements of ergonomics beats by dre CK-880, structure, designed to be easy to use, materials from rubber plugs to fit the ear canal size, soft and comfortable to wear, slip and not readily available, even if they appear using the discomfort of ear for a long time.

Circular buffers used project growth Dre Beats Studio, the pinna and ear maintain adequate distance beyond the shell, increasing the sense of beauty and wear comfortable to wear earplugs.

The sound you hear is closely in tune with the Headphones, open the Headphones after the muffler, cavity Beats by dre CK-880 can be found on the flat ear while inside the party goes through special craft processing, cavity wall is becomes concave and help eliminate noise, the mixture reduced, the sound restored more accurate.

Mini wire fashion sense too, filled with smart, and HeadphonesCK-880 perfect match. This mini remote control with play / pause, mic function. When you play / pause music simply touch the wire; projects Omni microphone, transfer effects, microphones hidden design of the hole, even more exquisite.

Sheets beats by dre CK-880 audio line up to 1.2 meters, enough to meet their daily needs, plan design unique, solid, not only, but also effectively avoid wrap and tie, convenient storage.

3.5 mm gold-plated standard interface, increases durability, allows data transfer stability guarantees pure sound quality, l-type interface design, reducing the risk of damage to the Headphoness.

So ear-fashion type plugs on the performance of sound quality? before you hear sound quality, let us first understand the specific parameters of the product, this is a preliminary understanding on the sound performance of the Headphonesalso allow us to listening to sound more true and accurate assessment Beats by dre CK-880 .

Beats by dre that strong magnetic CK-880 10 MM, 20 Hz-22 kHz frequency and 83 ± 3dB sensitivity, is a guarantee of clear sound quality, while only 18 ohms impedance is very easily transportable equipment to promote, is ideal for listening to music .

Next sound test, Beats By Dre Diddy we use a common desktop computer, notebook, MP3 listen and compare mobile phones used to test all tracks in MP3 player, Foobar2000, sailai said to have heard enough to identify and realize the potential of sound.

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